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My most recent projects and research are outlined here.

NSF CIVIC Greater Preparedness and Resilience to Post-Wildfire Flooding in Native American Communities

Graduate Research Assistant | University of New Mexico

Helped plan and execute workshops pertaining to post-wildfire flood risk in the Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo in New Mexico. My portion of the grant focused on the co-generation of an environmental data dashboard with members of the pueblo leadership. This project is part of my dissertation and works to answer the research question: How does the co-production of knowledge allow for more agency for marginalized groups?


NSF RCN Partnerships Along the Headwaters of the Americas for Young Scientists

Fellow | PATHWAYS Program

The RCN is focused on research sites and an interdisciplinary team of collaborators from twelve institutions in six countries along a Transect of the Americas, stretching from Alberta, Canada to Patagonia, Chile and Argentina. Each research site is viewed as a social-ecological system (SES) including both the headwaters (i.e., natural watersheds or hydro-climatic systems) and the downstream water use systems and the embedded social systems. My site is in Cuenca, Ecuador and I use this project as part of my dissertation to answer the question: How can community activism act as an active tool for producing and incorporating local knowledge?

NSF Community Network for Volcanic Eruption Response (CONVERSE)

Graduate Research Assistant | University of New Mexico

At the time of a volcanic crisis, the scientific community has the opportunity to advance fundamental understanding of volcanic systems. In order to develop a coordinated volcano science community to enhance scientific return following a volcanic eruption, the Community Network for Volcanic Eruption Response (CONVERSE) orchestrated a monogenetic volcanism response scenario exercise from February 4 to March 4, 2022. Over a hundred scientists from both academic and governmental spheres participated in this virtual tabletop scenario exercise. My role was to observe and help in the analysis of qualitative data that concerned the actual planning and execution of the workshop itself.


Shared. Futures. SciArt Collaborative

Scientist | UNM Transformation Network

Shared Futures is a SciArt collaborative where we bring together local scientists and artists. Together, we aim to communicate scientific perspectives through artistic mediums to showcase what our shared futures can look like. I was paired with a documentary film maker and we created a piece entitled, a talk with Land, a short film piece about place attachment and the power of care. See the trailer here

NSF DRMS Community Organizations and Environmental Policy on American Coasts

Graduate Research Assistant | Princeton University

Assisted with detailed site analysis, including background research about future research case studies, identifying local stakeholders for qualitative interviews, literature review, developing qualitative interview guides, and conducting qualitative interviews during site visits. Sites visited include communities around Cameron and Galveston Counties along the Texas Gulf Coast. I use this project as part of my dissertation to answer the question: What role do community groups and neighborhood organizations play in co-producing knowledge and in flood response?

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